Scammers will try to sell you cars
with fake odometer readings.
Our comprehensive Vehicle History Reports contain true odometer readings, ownership history, accident records, salvage checks, and more!
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Very detailed, very informative
I ordered a report, and I was really surprised. For the price, it was very detailed and very informative.
- Taylor from Frankfurt, KY
A great deal
I was hoping to catch a scammer in the act, but the truth is, the car was clean! A great deal for peace of mind.
- Bryan from Niagara Falls, NY
Real odometer REVEALED
I wish I had bought a report BEFORE buying my car. This scammer rolled the odometer back 5,000 miles!
- Ryan from Jacksonville, FL
Check any vehicle by VIN instantly
Vehicle Specifications
VIN decoding with up to 200 fields of vehicle data. Lookup cars, motorcycles, SUVs, pickups, powersports, RVs, classic cars, and commercial vehicles.
Odometer Readings
Validated current and historical mileage data reported by government agencies, private companies such as mechanic shops, and other public records.
Safety Recall Records
Recall data in real time, with risk severity indicators for injury, part availability, and drivability.
Theft Reports
Real-time theft records from government and private company sources, so you know you won’t be purchasing a stolen vehicle.
Ownership History
Detailed information on the previous sales and listings for a car, sourced from public listings and private dealership records.
100+ Other Checks
We perform more checks on your requested VIN than anyone else in the industry. You deserve the best service available!